PAST:Shut the door behind

PAST:Shut the door behind

Our past is important BUT it is NOT important enough to affect our present and future.

Lili Marcus

Those that entered, male and female of all flesh, entered as God had commanded him; and the LORD closed the door behind Noah.

Genesis 7:16

Leave the past behind you and be sure not to go back. Maybe your past is so dark, so loud that it is not that easy to leave or forget.  maybe it was something like Noah’s, so terrifying and dark. But God can make you totally leave it behind. Let God shut the door of the past behind you and let God have the key so you can not visit it again if God doesn’t allow it OK?

If it’s a book, consider your past not just a finished chapter but a finished book, and now you are ready to make another book of your life. Just like Noah, God made him start all over again. This time, your new book is gonna be…

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Jesus’ favorite scars

Jesus’ favorite scars

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Lili Marcus

Turn your scars into stars.—–Robert H. Schuller

Personally, I hate scars. I guess, most women do. But earlier, my right knee caught my eyes and made me smile. Why? my right knee has been scarred for almost sixteen years now. Yes, I just said I hate scars so why smile while staring at it?

I smile at the memory it added into the chest of happy memories I own.

Big or small, every scar has a memory.

And most of the times, those memories were the most painful ones. Of course you got wounded, it was painful. But see a scar means you’re HEALED. It’s amazing how we can smile or laugh at something that once had caused us pain, sometimes made us cry.

Well, that’s the thing about scars. They remind us of a painful past so we can have something to smile at.

my scarred knee reminds me…

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Because I Can

Because I Can

This is my first post, so I’m gonna make this as short as I can.

I say what I say Because I Can talk.

I write what I write Because I Can write.

I give what I give Because I Can give.

I dream what I dream Because I Can dream.

I do what I do Because I Can do it.

I achieved, and will achieve what I can dream Because I Can achieve it.

I have what I have Because I Can have it.

And Because I Can, YOU CAN TOO.

Stop wallowing on self-pity and discouragements. Or on your failures and disappointments. You know most of the times you fail because even before doing that THING you are supposed to do, you already told yourself, many times, that you can’t do it.

Oh Come On!!!

GOD IS WITHIN YOU (if You have accepted JESUS) so meaning you have everything you need to do what you have to do.

So join me, Let’s do it, Because We Can.

This is Claire, by the way.